Tiny House FAQs

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions our customers have below. Please check out our blog post, “Telling It Like It Is…And Isn’t” for more information about our current offerings. If there’s a question you have that’s not on the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What makes Shelter Wise different than other Tiny House builders?

Energy efficiency, beauty, function and quality are our highest priorities in our designs. Our knowledge comes from a background in energy efficiency, architectural design and construction of over 25 beautiful custom Tiny Homes since starting in 2012.

Where can I purchase building plans?

Plans for The Miter Box, The Cider Box, The Hikari Box and The Salsa Box can be purchased through our affiliate partner (PAD Tiny Houses, a great organization!) at PAD Tiny Houses (measurements are in feet/inches). You can also access this from our Store page

Are the interiors of your Building Plans customizable?

Absolutely. You can create the interior space to meet your specific needs with our flexible Construction Plan sets.

Do Tiny Homes need a special towing permit or equipped vehicle?

It depends. The larger (16′ lengths and beyond) double-axle homes need a heavy-duty truck but the smaller homes can be towed by a ½ ton pickup truck (V6 or larger engine). Typically, Tiny Homes require special towing permits when they exceed the 8.5’w x 13.5’h dimension DOT threshold. Please verify this for your specific project.

Where can I put a Tiny House on wheels?

It really depends on where you are located. Tiny Homes fit into a legal grey area in most cities. Each county has it’s own rules for placement and use. We recommend verifying this or getting permission beforehand.

How do I find the right trailer?

We have partnered with a trailer manufacturer in Oregon, Iron Eagle, and our designs are tailored for these as we feel they are the best trailers available for Tiny Home construction. We feel that it is very important to have the best foundation for your Tiny Home! If you end up ordering from Iron Eagle tell them we sent you! Also, here is an informational video on trailers, put together by our friends at Tiny Nest

What sort of utilities does a Tiny Home use?

RV style utilities include: Electric (30 or 50 amp panel with RV hookup) & water (freshwater hookup), holding tanks for freshwater, grey water or black water, composting toilets, solar panels as well as other renewable power options and beyond. We can help you plan for what utilities you might need for your project in a consultation.

How do I get insurance?

It varies by location and circumstance but here is a good start: PAD Insurance for Tiny Houses.
Also, contact Darrel Grenz Insurance Agency at 503.206.6736 who has experience with this.


Where can I see more photos?

If you haven’t looked at our website, there are photo galleries to view on our Models page or on our Instagram (shelterwisespaces) or Facebook page. Another set of photos of The Cider Box interior can be seen here: Sunset’s Small Space Big Dreams Award

Do you do consultations?

We provide 1-hour skype/phone/in-person consultations for $100. You can schedule an appointment by emailing info@shelterwise.com