Shelter Wise

est. 2012


Shelter Wise is a former Build firm now providing Tiny Home building plan sets to empower people to build their own.

Made up of a team of unique building professionals with a passion for offering creative, high quality, energy-efficient and captivating dwelling spaces under eight hundred square feet

Based in Portland, Oregon, Shelter Wise embodies the pure beauty and independent spirit of the Pacific Northwest


Derin Williams

Builder, Designer

Derin is the inspiration and dreamer behind Shelter Wise as a true entrepreneur with creativity running through his veins. His roots are in providing Energy Efficiency services and Sustainable Building Advising where he spent 7 years practicing and learning prior to starting this business in 2012.

He has collaborated on over 25 small homes to date and is our catalyst for all things small-scale, captivating and creative. He is our resident Energy and Tiny Home expert. He is BPI Certified and a Certified Sustainable Building Advisor.

Andra Williams

Business Manager

Andra is the main gear that holds all of the moving parts of Shelter Wise together. She received a degree in Business Administration and Marketing at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon and has enjoyed careers working in Marketing, Property Management and Motherhood.

As a “details” person she enjoys making all of the elements behind-the-scenes work together for a seamless and enjoyable process for each customer as well as providing occasional design assistance.